Pet dogs, so silly and yet we love them!

For those that have dogs, even those of us who don't but may know someone who does... ever witnessed the most silly and yet cute behaviors of men's best companion? Maybe you have or maybe not, but I really enjoy moments like this and am grateful that other people have had the opportunity to capture such moments and share them with us

You may laugh, what you don't know is that with your inferior sensibilities you can't detect the invisible force-field this dog most obviously is detecting

What I can say? It's just cute and thankfully the dog didn't decide to have a duckling for dinner(I kid I kid, Pit Bulls are gentle)
This reminds me of my own Boxer when he first came to our house, they are really nice dogs to have if trained properly

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Vague Raconteur said...

Ducks and dogs. Two things that make either brilliant pets or a Korean's dinner.

Hento the loony repairman :D said...

we found its weakpoint, damned pepsi!!!! i knew it!
and the poor boxe rlookign for her mommy O_O

Foxzero said...

hahaha indeed XD

Ryan Frankcom said...

ahaha xD These are awesome :D

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