Halloween Cat----Catwalk!

Best costume, hands down

Nyan cat cosplay?

Thanks for the hard work!
Not scary but cute

It's all about the pose

Tea My Lord?

Who cares about bad luck with all the elegance?


I cant help it, so adorably asleep!

Again, it's not about the costume but the cat

This is when the costume suits the face

*queues obscure 70's music*


Hello Kitty....kitty

Best pumpkin(?) costume

At least it keeps him warm

Cats make the best witch...assistant

A ghost...probably

Such a pretty cat, how can I not put him on?

Great spot, great pose

Cowboy, not commonly seen

Oh yes, he likes where he is now
Unamused rabbit


I can't quite put a finger on the name for this


Looks comfortable

This is done nicely altho I don't really approve painting on the cat


That's a nice sombrero
The stripes look good on you
It's all about the whiskers...wait-what?

I could swear I saw this somewhere...

Pretty and cute

I hope it's a girl

It's a cat...yeah pretty sure

How can anyone not like this?

Princess dress, there's always at least one

If it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit!

I don't think this goes in anymore...

What can I saw? Something about the face...
"I keel you" anyone?

Ready for lift off

Most awesome Death Vader deployment
Right amount of cuteness, perfect amount of head tilting

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McTeo said...

OMG!!! all of this costumes are real??

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