Halloween costumes...dog fashion!

Trick or Treat?

How's my camouflage? 1-900-xxxxx
Not happy about this...
Whatcha looking at!? It's my spot!
Hmm feels comfy in here
Simply pouting?
Hogwartz? What's that?

This is kinda heavy...
Plotting evil deeds

Your not guessing what this handsome face is thinking!

Wanna see some teeth? Rawr
Simple mathemathics, 1 bad dog
plus 1 anonymous witness
plus 1 police dog
equals a very busted prison dog!
It's better to do honest work...

I read that this is a Gladiator dog...

Ready to dash for it!

They don't seem to be going for halloween----

Al Capaw?

Yet a even better camouflage

It's all about the gear...

Can't say he doesn't look good in it

For a dog with a treasure he could look more excited...


Very well made, nuff said!

*queues super man music*

He can't see where he's going but he looks cool where he is

Glow? Where's the glow?

Witch dog, was wondering where it was.

Is it...dead?

Heh gotta hand it to the dog, nice face.
Oh look, the flasher
Consider yourself flashed.
Always though this costume to be a tad evil

Taco? Hmmm getting hungry

Points for originicality

Wherever there's a party, he's going.

They are alive!

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Anonymous said...

cute :)

Raydriel said...

jajajajaja really funny!!!

jewelia zuck said...

Haha, this is hilarious! my fav was the three headed dog!

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