AniCompendium First Post!

Hiya everyone! I'm new to this so bear with me as I strive to turn this blog into something I hope will be a fun and useful learning experience for both me and the readers regarding pet animals, what motivated me to do this was a personal self interest into figuring past the many cliche knowledge recycled through the media, books and people which many(like myself at a time) thought was truth.

As a simple example, we used to leave some cat food at the backdoor of our house for stray cats, when I was a kid I remember wanting to put some milk there for them not knowing that 9 cases out of 10 it would be harmful for them, luckily someone I knew then had some basic knowledge of such things and stopped me from possibly causing harm to the cats, harmful ignorance is still in the end, harmful.

As I grew up I had many more chances to come into contact with all kinds of pet animals, which also enabled me to gain some real knowledge that contradicts the aforementioned cliche information bombarded at us from tv, storybooks etc With this blog i'd like to challenge myself to look at this a little more in-depth and maybe if you, the reader, eventually want to have a pet /or already have one, we can look into this together!

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