Pet care and grooming

For those who have experience taking care of a prt, this might not be "new" but it's still a important reminder for those who don't know of it, pets are sensitive animals and since they can't communicate when they are in pain or in discomfort it's up to the owners to pay attention for these signs. It's not a difficult thing to do, as everytime you do something with your pet, you are checking up on it's health status(if you pay attention!). Characteristics of a healthy animal are easy to spot, they are alert, always ready for exercise, very observant of the humans in their environment and like their human owners, they also are creatures of habit. A change in their individual habits and attitude may be the first sign of illness, signs to watch out for could be:

- Loss of Apetite
- Difficulty in moving, appearing less energetic
- Breathing problems
- Dischage from the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, body or genitals
- New odours
- Increase in thirst and frequent urination
- Diarrhea or vomiting

In the outside environment many animals tend to feel stressed, signs of stress and anxiety for them include:

- Aggression/fear
- Excessive salivation
- Shivering
- Irregular breathing/panting
- Fast pulse and heart rate
- Pale mucours membranes

As I have said, irregular activity from your pet generally means something is bothering them, regardless if it's physical or mental stress, getting to know them and solving any issues quickly means a happy and healthy pet life for your companion. Depending on the animal, grooming needs might be needed on a daily/weekly basis for their coats of hair. A cat, for example, moults or sheds their coat hair in spring needs careful grooming assistance from their owner, specially if it has long or medium length coats. Otherwise it'll swallow a large amount of loose hair while self licking, resulting in a hair ball which might require a veterinary's attention.

Over the next few posts I'd like to mention different cares and methods needed/can be given to our pets with nowaday's grooming guidelines and technology, thank you for reading and see you next time!

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