Vintage...Pet Rock!

So I was reading a article about pets when I came across this, the name "Pet Rock" wasn't familiar to me but it caught my interest and a little digging around further proved to me that anything can be a pet!

What is this after all? For a more "vintage" reader they might have known this or not remember, but to the younger folks, this 70's fad was just a teeny little earlier then our originated in Los Gatos, California by someone named Gary Dahl.

The idea first came to him as he listened to his friends complain about their own pets, the answer Dahl came up with was: a rock. A rock wouldn't need to be fed, walked, bathed, groomed or die, become sick, or be disobedient. He told his friends as much and they all joked about it, later on he took that idea seriously and drafted a "instruction manual" for a pet rock.

Sadly I couldn't find the original one written by Gary Dahl, there were many different alternative versions however so I'm going to post one that I found in the meantime...

Pet Rock Instruction Manual

"Your Pet Rock

So, by now you most likely have a pet rock. If not this species of animal can be found in many different environments, I recommend looking in the dirt. So if you have a pet rock we can move on. There are many different breeds of pet rocks you should look up online which is the right rock for you. In this manual we will go over the training and care taking of your rock so lets begin........

Training - I recommend starting to train your pet rock at a very young age, this will make it easier for your pet to learn. But training is only for the dumb rock. You may think every pet needs training but actually rocks are such intelligent beings that they are born knowing tricks. Here I will mention what your pet can do....

All you have to do is say sit and straight away your pet will sit (why don't you try it out).

Say the command stay and automatically it will stay completely still.

Simply go to a hill and drop your he/she and your pet will do the rest.

Play dead
We all know the classic command, but do you want your pet to do it? If so just say the command and that's it.

Simple care - We will now go over simple care for your rock.

You should bathe your pet regularly. Get any small sized container (sink, even bathtub, cup, etc) and put your pet in the container, make sure there’s water in the container. Scrub with soap until s/he’s shiny.

A clean pet is a happy pet. If you have a rock tumbler than polishing is easy for you. But if not (if you're a girl) you can use clear nail polish and it works really well.

The pet rock is by far the easiest pet to take care of (easier than a fish) You may think that your pet needs food but it does not. Do not cram a twinkie onto your rock (it’s not going to eat it!!)

If you have a leash that's great! But if not than don't worry, pet rocks don't need regular exercise. Just put it in your pocket and you’ll be fine.

For your pet rock I do recommend sleep. Just let it sleep when you do.
Note: if you want him to go get a checkup at the doctor, there is no need to worry when he says there's no heart beat.

Dress him up
Don't just have low class rock clothing for him for the different holidays, give him googley eyes, add a mouth, do anything that will make him unique and you and your rock will bond greatly.

The craze for this lasted about six months at the time, nowadays the original Pet Rocks are difficult to find because new ones are no longer manufactured or sold. Variations run in the market as people have also been known to make their own pet rocks, and some companies market variations on the pet rock concept. 

One such example is the USB Pet Rock  from

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Thanks for the tips =3

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USB rock...

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