Should you give/get a pet for Christmas?

Merry Christmas!

Around this time of the year, many consider the option of getting a pet for themselves or to give to others as a Christmas present, but are pets a good idea for a gift?

In many cases, the answer is no...specially during Christmas as in many cases people forget that what they are purchasing are living beings, there is no proper return/reimburse option when it comes to a pet and in the worst case scenario this leads to the suffering of all involved just because the owners couldn't sit down for 5 minutes and think things through...

Simply put, it's not a good idea because for any pet (specially young ones) it is a change in environment and company so they will require even more care and attention than normal, most of the time during holiday season people are much too busy with themselves and others, and it is simply cruel to bring the new pet into this chaotic season and just ignore their needs.

Moreover, pets such as puppies and kittens advertised as Christmas presents have most often been bred to bring their owner extra cash for the holidays. This means that it is possible that veterinary and nutritional care might have been ignored on the young to save money, since breeding a healthy litter costs more than can be recovered in sales.

Another point is that most reputable breeders don't have litters available during the holidays because puppies that are given as presents rarely remain in their first home. Some of these puppies end up at animal shelters, where parents may bring their children in at the last minute to pick a pet as a Christmas present. Getting a pet isn't a spur of the moment decision, prospective owners need time to prepare for the family's new addition. The purchase of a puppy should be part of a well-researched, thorough and forward-looking plan.

"The commitment to a newly acquired pet must last the lifetime of that animal, not just on Christmas Day. So before deciding to give a puppy - or any other animal - as a gift remember: Pets Are Forever."

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Shaw said...

I'd never give a pet as a gift unless I knew the other person really wanted it.

Vague Raconteur said...

I think a pet for Christmas tends to be a really bad idea... you need absolutely surety you want it and can look after it before you get it.

Deathscreton said...

If only people thought about this before the buy a bred puppy.

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