What to do in case your pet gets sick

Some hot tea would be good right now....

When and if your pet gets sick may never be at the best of times and sometimes not even affordable for the owners, unexpected circumstances may happen and pet care isn't as widespread and supported compared to the human counter-part. What may happen is that you will be facing veterinary expenses far beyond what was expected and beyond your ability to afford them. No pet-lover wants their companion to suffer because they aren't capable of providing them with the care the pet needs. But pet care isn't without it's channels of support, and there are always measures one can take to cover in case of a emergency.

However, it's still important to remember that depending on the severity of your pet's sickness or injury, it's still possible that even with medical care a solution cannot be found. Discuss with the veterinarian treatment and prognosis options, the most important thing being your companion preserving the best quality of life possible regardless of the solution.

Where you are

Different country/states may or may not provide additional and different veterinary assistance and care. It's always important to check your surrounding areas and such for these services if available.

Pet health insurance

It may not help right at present but you should consider purchasing for your pet to prevent such a situation as described above.

Contact veterinarians

It helps to be informed, regardless of the situation, and you may actually be surprised to find some viable channels.
  • Get a second opinion. Different doctors have different degrees of experience with animal treatment, you'll pay a consultation fee, but another vet may have alternatives, a less expensive ways to treat your pet.
  • Use a vet in a less expensive area. Veterinaries in smaller towns tend to charge lower fees. 
  • Negotiate a payment plan with your vet. If you're a known client to the clinic, it may be possible to work out a weekly or monthly payment plan so that you don't have to pay the entire cost of the treatment up front. But this may be viable only if you are a known client, as with everywhere else, it isn't reasonable to expect such a thing if you aren't known to them.
  • Check out local veterinary schools.  Many run low-cost clinics for limited income clients.
  • Offer to perform a service for your vet like cleaning kennels, answering phones or other work in lieu of actual cash is another idea of what you may actually do if you are in a emergency, being proactive is key-
  • Look for assistance. There are many animal welfare organizations that can help out with vet bills, either with low-cost care, loans, or grants. Trying different avenues is important.

I leave my readers to consider the points I have covered so far, thank you for reading!

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Shaw said...

This is why I don't own a pet, out of fear that I wont have money for its healthcare when it really needs it.

Ryan Frankcom said...

This is a huge problem, I think people with pets should put money aside, just in case,

Erixsson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erixsson said...

Need to think it thrue but the joy of having one is amazing. you got a new follower :D +1

Vague Raconteur said...

Thank you man, dog keeps getting a little sick, I had no idea how to be ready for anything... until now :)

icycooL said...

"Offer to perform a service for your vet like cleaning kennels, answering phones or other work in lieu of actual cash is another idea of what you may actually do if you are in a emergency, being proactive is key-"

They will let you do that..?

chicago vet said...

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