Merry Christmas!

Have a sparkly Christmas!
It's that time of the year already! To help boost up some festive spirits for my dear readers, I gathered up some help from our lovely paw friends! Merry Christmas everyone!

*Merry Christmas Grin*

Tell Santa what you want for Christmas? 

I want one in my sock too!

Looks warm and cozy
The lookout...
...while the partner in crime opens the presents!


Christmas sweater, looking good!

Told you it was to be placed on the tree...

World Guinness: Candy Cane on my nose till New Year!

Wheres my present!?

This was NOT what I asked Santa...

Rudolph! You look smaller!

Yes you told me it was for the tree...

Too big for me I think..

Walking present!

And we don't even fly....

They call this fashion....

Napping time before christmas

1st Christmas?

Time to wrap presents

And they ran out on actual clothing materials...

Want a candy cane?
It's Christmas! Is there snow where YOU live?

Waiting for a kiss under the mistletoe?

All pull!

A present for you?

Helper and a naughty dog?

Making a wish to Santa Claus

I asked for a XXXS! Not L!

Add caption

No way! That's my present?

Things you want that fits in the sock


I wanted to be the reindeer....

I'm rudolph!

Another present, wrapped up!

They come as a set...

The helper

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sky said...

These dogs are so cute with these clothes! Everyone of them.

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