Dog Intelligence(Pt2) - The rascals

Hello animal lovers, I apologize for not having updated for some time...exam period is always hectic and I just never had the time to finish editing the drafted posts I had made, but between now and Christmas I will publish the new posts in a timely manner! (that's Plan A)

The smart one!

Now, following my previous post on Dog Intelligence, the ranking in this post rates the least obedient breeds of dogs...this in no way means they have lower capabilities then the other breeds but reflects on their tendency to follow commands(or not!) it might take a bit more time to train them up compared to the others. Again, this ranking only takes into consideration the general capacity for obedience/understanding of commands for the breeds.

             (Ordered in most obedient to least)
#1 Shih Tzu
#2 Basset Hound
#3 Mastiff & Beagle

#4 Pekingese
#5 Bloodhound
#6 Borzoi

#7 Chow Chow
#8 Bulldog
#9 Basenji
#10 Afghan Hound

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