Dogs in tweets

Might be faster to paw the computer...

Gadgets, why do we love them? For my part I like them because they are always interesting, regardless of practicality and sometimes they might even be downright senseless, it's still fun to read up on them to know what they are supposed to do. This one I'm bringing to your attention today is still up for debate but it fills the bill of "interesting" at the very least.

Puppy Tweets, is a electronic dog tag with a sound and motion sensor that is attached to your dog's collar and transmits messages to your home computer which will be attached with the tag's
USB receiver, your computer receives the data and chooses from a preselected bucket of tweets to send to Twitter. Puppy tweets recognizes patterns from level of movement, sound, time and day of the week. If you are a dog lover this is definitely something that will interest you, owners can now stop wondering what their beloved pet is doing at home as they can now follow all they do on the Twitter page.

Some of my readers might know dog lovers (or be one themselves) that would love this little piece of technology, being in contact with your pet definitely sounds like it could brighten someone's day, so how does it work? As it would seem, as the dog moves, barks, eats and plays throughout the day, the motion activity is registered by the tag and sent to the USB receiver connected to the home computer. The combined activity of the dog throughout the day will trigger one of the 500 and more preset tweets which is then broadcasted to twitter.

Examples of what this .05 ounce device can do: As the the frequency of the messages is relative to the level of activity of your dog, if she barks a possible tweet to trigger might be "Bark...and the whole neighborhood barks with you!" or if the dog is sleeping "Had a wonderful dream about you. You were bringing me snacks!"---and over 500 other tweets to go through should keep this gadget entertaining for awhile.

In closing, while I find the idea of this gadget to be entertaining it misses the fundamental thing for me when it comes to my pet, which is that its not a exact science and possibly most of the time the assortment of motions and trigger messages may not have anything to do with my pet at all, science still has quite a way to go to make gadgets that actually faithfully interact/correctly read on our pets behavior to make me a customer.

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Vague Raconteur said...

This is... just, so much madness.

Shaw said...

that sounds sort of obsessive

icycooL said...

Well, I guess it was inevitable. The Rule of Tweets: Everything inevitably gets tweeted about.

sky said...

Awesome! Especially for dog lovers, as I'm! =] Nice gadget.

Petar said...

yes love dogs great blog

Jujj1 said...

This is just waaaay too obsessive for me!
I mean a dog tweeting?
We are still so far behind on everything so I think this should be left for the future :D

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